Day 3

As I will hopefully graduate soon, real life is about to start.

While I have been working on installing daily/weekly routines to bring me to the next level over the past years, this has worked with ups and downs. This year I will make no more excuses and succeed in making myself the person I want to become.

To motivate myself, document my progress and share it with you, I will blog about it every single day. These blogs can be about sports, financial success, self-discipline, control of emotions, vision and more.

One exercise to realize your dreams is to think ahead 90 days. Imagine that you just had your best 90 days of your life, and you are looking back. What happened? What choices did you make? What changed in your life? This exercise helped me to have an amazing internship in Uganda and complete my master thesis to my highest standards. Now it will help me to get the job of my dreams.

Where am I in 90 days?
– I found a full-time and well-paid Africa/NGO job
– I wake up daily 06:00 AM
– I completed the first draft of my book 
– I wrote 90 daily blogs
– I either have my driver license or getting close 
– I am in my best shape ever

Where will you be in 90 days?

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