Day 4: Personal Transformation

I am interested in becoming the best version of myself, by optimizing my behaviours and routines.

In general, there are two methods to achieve this transformation: Drastic change is the sudden and extreme change from the current state to the desired state, often implemented when one is motivated and enlightened. This is the usual method used in the Western world, romanticised by Hollywood movies. In reality, this is also the most difficult (and least likely to succeed) method.

Repeated and subtle change is called Kaizen in Japan, as an alternative method to the drastic change. Instead of drastic change, a strategy is formed to use a lot small intermediary steps to go from the current state to the desired state. This simple method is more effective, often leading to faster transformation compared to several failed drastic changes with decreased confidence as a result.

Even though the second method is less heroic, it is more effective and simple while it leads to the same result: transformation. In the end it will be the transformation that is visible to outsiders.

While I have been using the drastic change often, with repeated failure as a result, I will shift to the kaizen method.


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