Day 5: Morning Ritual

One of the most effective areas to transform that will affect the rest of your areas and life is to gain a morning ritual. It will make you healthier, stronger, calmer, more focused, grateful and productive. Furthermore, it gives you the most important resource you can never get back: time.

The morning ritual often consist out of several aspects of which some exercises, gratitute mindset and plan for the day are most common.

Even though I have know the benefit of installing a morning ritural for years, as a natural night owl I find this super difficult to implement. Many nights (full of motivation) I made the decisiion that today was the last time sleeping out. I often used the drastic change method without effect. I have been able to wake up early for several prolonged periods such as two summers ago or my internship in Uganda. At these periods I achieved super-human productivity and felt super fulfilled, disciplined and confident,

That is how I want to be / feel every single day, so I aim for 06:00 to have 1 to 2 spare hours before life starts. Currently I wake up around 7:30 – 08:00 AM.

I am using the kaizen method to wake daily 15 minutes earlier, reaching 06:00 this sunday. After that I will take a month to make it a habit.

The benefits of this changed behaviour will be financial wealth, a Spartan body and mentality, and time/productivity to make my dreams become a reaility such as finishing my book.

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