Donor Financed Murder

At this moment Dutch taxpayer money is financing a dictatorship in Uganda. Yoweri Museveni has been in power since 1986. When on 18 November 2020 two opposition leaders were arrested, Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat, peaceful protests erupted throughout the country. The regime sent many police and armed ‘vigilantes’ in civilian clothes to the streets, where they fired live bullets on civilians. More than 37 civilians were killed.

The worst part is that we, the Netherlands, have been financing an essential sector of this regime, the Justice, Law, and Order Sector (JLOS). In the report ‘Donor Financer Murder’ the collaboration between the Netherlands and this JLOS is described. Nearly 80 million euros of taxpayer money was sent between 2008 and 2019 to this sector, a sector that funds the Uganda Police Force and these armed vigilantes named Local Defence Units (LUD’s).

Already during my internship in 2019 I experienced how the outside-in perspective, used by our government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but mainstream media as well, is incorrect. The inside-out perspective, which you gain when you talk to local youth and activists, is completely different.

This injustice, and the financing of murder with Dutch taxpayer money, should stop immediately.

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