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Who is Erik van der Zanden?

MSc. African Studies

Combining the life of an adventurer with that of an academic is my dream. As such I attempted to become an action researcher with focus on peaceful revolution in Africa. My areas of interest are revolutions, conflict, and peace. Through research I gain insights about social-political challenges, after which I becomes active to use that knowledge in the field as activist. Consequently, I often switch between the roles of researcher and activist, two roles which I believe greatly reinforce each other. 

I am active as strategist for the opposition in Uganda who are in the midst of a peaceful revolution. Furthermore, I am in regular contact with several stakeholders, such as opposition leaders, students, and human right activists. 

Over the years I collected praised for my ability to combine persistence with a good sense for diplomacy and being able to relate to different people in a friendly way. I know how to turn complex ideas into relatable stories, and bring people together. 

Currently, I am aspiring to start a PhD on political innovation in Uganda, while publishing my first non-fiction book called: the Unfinished Revolution.



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