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What I learned from a Ugandan dog

13 January 2019

Throughout my internship in Uganda I will stay at an amazing place in Kampala. It had just one problem. One big problem. .

The big guard dog Reca did not like me from the start. I tried to tap her when I entered the house for the first time and he directly bit me (not hard). I ignored it and moved on.

Unfortunately I got sick the second day and did not get so much out of my room to get used to the dog and the surroundings. When I got out in the evening the dog was suddenly barking at me so left a bit cautious.

The following days the same thing happened. While I tried to hide my caution I started to grow fear that the dog would attack me again. Every time I moved outside, the dog looked at me with suspicion. When I looked her in the eye she started to growl. I experienced that I was getting nervous by having to pass the dog again.

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