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Erik is Africanist Strategist Activist


Young researcher with Uganda expertise

Most African youth face challenges. There are no jobs and authoritarian governments allow little criticism. Within society most are dependent on a few, and strong divisions endure. After a painful experience of corruption within my own organization, I became interested in the system behind that corruption. I realized that there are several colonial inheritances than function as damaging institutions to current social-political-economic problems in Africa. Even though most African countries are independent, they are not yet decolonized. As a result, I am interested in the social-political transformations that replace dictatorships with democracies. In particular, I love to work with students, who are often hopeful, energetic, and creative. As a young researcher I am active as reviewer for the National Institute of African Studies (NIAS) in London, and recently gave a presentation on the Africa Knows! conference as panel member. 


Specialized in Peaceful Revolution

I do not believe in violence, as it often nurtures dictatorships, and it the common people that suffer most during war. Gandhi showed that there is a more effective form: peaceful resistance. I have an enormous passion for peaceful resistance and military strategy, which I combine in my role as strategist of peaceful revolution. I study historical peaceful revolutions, and combines this with an in-depth analysis of the local social, political, cultural, historical, educational and economic situation


Human Rights and Oppressed Minorities

The extreme violence of the Ugandan regime has left many citizens traumatized. I take action for promoting human rights. My involvement in the Ugandan revolution has connected me to several renown human rights activists. I join and help in organizing protests in the Netherlands that stand up against the abuse of human rights by governments around the world.

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